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Check out this step-by-step guide to download online videos, audios or playlists in just 5 minutes
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Brief Introduction of Preferences VidJuice UniTube

Here is an introduction of the download settings of UniTube that will help you have a better understanding of UniTube and also have a smooth experience when downloading media files using UniTube.

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Part 1. Preferences Settings

The preferences section of VidJuice UniTube video downloader, allows you to change the following parameters:

1. The maximum number of downloading tasks

You can select the number of simultaneous downloading tasks that can run concurrently to improve the efficiency of the downloading process.

simultaneous downloading tasks

2. Downloaded formats

VidJuice UniTube supports the files in video and audio formats. You can choose a format from the “Download” option in the Preference settings to save the file in audio or video version.

choose a format

3. Video quality

Use the “Quality” option in Preferences to change the quality of the video that you want to download.

choose formats

4. Subtitle language

Choose the language of the subtitle from the drop-down list of subtitle settings. UniTube supports 45 languages for now.

Choose the language of the subtitle

5. The target location for the downloaded files can also be selected in the Preferences section.

6. Additional settings like the “Auto Download Subtitles” and “Auto Resume Unfinished Tasks on Startup” can also be customized according to your needs.

7. Check “Burn subtitle/CC to the output video” to allow UniTube to burn the subtitle automatically to the videos.


8. Just as you can set the download speed, you can also set the connection options in the in-app proxy that is part of the preference settings.

Check “Enable Proxy” and then enter the information requested, including HTTP Proxy, port, account, password and more.

Enable Proxy

Part 2. The Unlimited Speed Mode

You can enable “Unlimited Speed Mode” on by clicking on the lightning bolt icon in the lower-left corner of the interface and then choosing “Unlimited.”

If you don’t want UniTube to use up too much of the bandwidth resources, you can choose to set the bandwidth usage at a lower speed.

Unlimited Speed Mode

Part 3. Enable Download and then Convert Mode

All videos are downloaded in MP4 format by default. If you want to download the videos in any other format, you can use the “Download then Convert Mode.”

Enable Download and then Convert Mode

Before starting the download, click on the “Download then Convert” option in the top-right corner and then select the output format you would like to use in the dropdown menu that appears.

 select the output format

Part 4. Pause and Resume Download Processes

The pause and resume feature on UniTube YouTube Downloader is a feature that is designed to make the download process more flexible.

If for some reason you wanted to stop the download, you can just click “Pause All” and then resume all downloads later by clicking on “Resume All”.

Pause Download Processes

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