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Check out this step-by-step guide to download online videos, audios or playlists in just 5 minutes
with VidJuice UniTube.

How to Use the "Online" Feature

VidJuice UniTube has integrated an online feature with the built-in web browser that can help you download login required or password-protected videos. This specially designed browser also allows you to browse, download and crop YT videos like never before.

This guide will show you the overview of the online feature of UniTube, and how to use the online function step by step.

Part 1. Overview of the Online Feature VidJuice UniTube

Open VidJuice UniTube and on the left panel, you should see a number of options for downloading different types of videos. Select the “Online” tab from the options to use the built-in web browser.

This will open a number of popular websites where you can download videos. Click on the website with the video that you would like to download.

For example, if you wanted to download private videos from Facebook, click on the “Facebook” icon.

Go to the online section

If you want to download videos from a website that is not listed on this page, click on the “Add Shortcut” icon to enter a website of your choice.

Add Shortcut

You can also access the websites by simply typing-in the URL in the address bar of the built-in browser.

typing-in the UR

Part 2. How to Download Login or Password Required Videos

Downloading login required or password protected online videos using UniTube is very easy. The interface is easy to navigate even for beginners.

Here’s how to download login required or password-protected videos using UniTube’s built-in web browser:

Step 1: Choose the Output Format and Quality

The Preferences section allows you to set a number of preferences before you can download the video. To do this, click in the “Preferences” tab and then select the output format, quality and other settings.

Once your preferences are just as you want them to be, click on the “Save” button to confirm the preferences.

Choose the Output Format and  Quality

Step 2: Find the Videos you Want to Download

Now, Go to the online section to select the video you would like to download. Let’s use Facebook as an example.

choose the online section

Enter the link of the private Facebook video that you would like to download and log in to your account to access the video.

Wait for UniTube to load the video and when the video appears on your screen, click on the “Download” button to begin the download process immediately.

Wait for UniTube to load the video

Step 3: Wait for the Download Process to Finish

The download process will begin immediately. While the download is in progress, you can click on the “Downloading” tab to see the progress.

see the downloading progress

Click on the “Finished” section to find the video once the download process is complete.

download process is complete

Part 3. How to Crop Videos from YT

UniTube can help you easily crop a YT video that is too long or crop out a section of the video rather than download the entire video. This feature is only available for YT videos only. Here’s how you can do it:

Step 1: Open the Online Tab

Select the “Online” tab from the interface of UniTube.

Go to the online section

Step 2: Find and Play the Video

Input the URL of the video that you want to crop using the built-in web browser in UniTube. Play the video when the video shows.

 play the YouTube video

Step 3: Set the Duration and Click on “Cut”

While the video is playing, you should see a progress bar right below it, along with two green bars on both sides of the editor.

Move these two bars to indicate the required duration of the video. The portion of the video that appears between the two bars is the section that will be cropped.

When you’re happy with your selected duration, click on the “Cut” button below the progress bar to start the cropping process.

Set the Duration

Step 4: Download the Cropped Section

The selected section of the video will start downloading. You can check the downloading progress in the “Downloading” tab.

check the downloading progress

Once the download is done, click on the “Downloaded” section to access the cropped video.

the download is done


  • If you want to change the output format of the video, you will need to set it in the “Download then Convert” tab on the main window or using the “Preferences” settings before you start downloading the video.
  • It is not uncommon to have problems when trying to log-in to your user account. If you do, just clear the browser cache, by clicking on the “wiper” icon next to the address bar and then try logging in again.

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