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Check out this step-by-step guide to download online videos, audios or playlists in just 5 minutes
with VidJuice UniTube.

How to Download Videos on Android?

With the VidJuice UniTube Android app, you can easily save videos on your Android phone to enjoy offline.

Simply follow the guide below to download your favorite videos on your Android device:

1. Download, install and launch VidJuice UniTube Android App

Step 1: Visit the VidJuice UniTube official site on your phone browser and download the VidJuice UniTube Android installation package.

Step 2: When the package download is complete, go to the "Download" folder and click to install the package.

Step 3: After installation, click "Open" to launch the VidJuice UniTube app.

2. VidJuice UniTube Android Settings

Step 1: To set your download preferences, click on the "Settings" icon on the VidJuice UniTube Android app.

vidjuice android find settings

Step 2: Choose the output format, quality, maximum download tasks, download task limit, download location, and other settings.

vidjuice android settings

3. Register VidJuice UniTube Android App

Step 1: To access the full features of VidJuice, you need to upgrade your account to the Pro version. After purchasing, you will receive an email from VidJuice with the license key. Copy the key, return to VidJuice, and click the "Register" button.

vidjuice android register

Step 2: Paste your license key and click "Register", then you can start using VidJuice without limitation.

vidjuice android enter license

4. Download Videos/Audio Using VidJuice UniTube Android App

Step 1: Go to the site that you want to download from, find a video or audio, and copy the URL. Return to VidJuice and input the URL in the search bar to search for the file.

vidjuice android input url

Step 2: VidJuice will open this video or audio with it's online built-in browser, play the video or audio, and click the "Download" icon to start downloading.

vidjuice android play to download video

Step 3: Select your preferred download format, quality, and other settings according to your preferences, then click the "OK" button. You can choose "Save as default" if you want to continue downloading with these settings.

vidjuice android settings save as default

Step 4: VidJuice will start downloading this video or audio, and you can monitor the downloading tasks, speed, and process within the VidJuice "Download" section.

vidjuice android download process

Step 5: When the download is finished, you can find all downloaded videos and audio under the "Files" folder. Now that you can open and enjoy them on your Android device.

vidjuice android find downloaded video

5. Download Channels & Playlists Using VidJuice UniTube Android App

Step 1: Find a channel or playlist that you want to download videos from, copy the URL, and then return to VidJuice. VidJuice will detect the URL and allow you to download from your clipboard. Click "Download" button to continue.

paste a playlist url in vidjuice android

Step 2: You can choose parts of videos or all videos in this channel or playlist to download, then click the "Start download" button.

click to download playlist with vidjuice android

Step 3: VidJuice will start downloading selected videos in this channel or playlist, and you can monitor the download process within the VidJuice interface.

vidjuice android download playlist videos process

Step 4: When the download is complete, go to "Files" and find the downloaded channel or playlist videos.

find downloaded playlist videos in vidjuice android

6. More About VidJuice UniTube Android App

VidJuice Android app allows users to manage the download process and downloaded media files:

  • Stop & Start All Download

Step 1: If you want to cancel the download tasks, you can click "Stop all download" to pause. You can also tap on the file to directly pause the download task.

vidjuice android stop all download

Step 2: To start downloading again, click "Start all download" and VidJuice will resume downloading. You can also tap on the file to directly restart the download task.

vidjuice android start all download
  • Retry Downloading

If VidJuice failed to download the videos or audio, you can tap on the files to retry downloading.

vidjuice android retry downloading
  • Find Videos

Click the "Search" icon, enter the title or keywords of the video, and you can locate the video as you want.

vidjuice android find videos
  • Filter Videos

VidJuice allows you to view the downloaded files based on the added date, duration, title, type, and size.

vidjuice android filter videos
  • Delete Videos

Tap the "Detele" icon, and you can delete all videos with one click or select several videos to delete.

vidjuice android delete videos
  • Add & Delete Sites to Homepage

VidJuice supports adding and deleting sites to the homepage so that you can quickly visit the site, download, or delete videos.

Step 1: To add a site to the homepage list, open it with the online browser and then click the "Save" icon. Customize the website name if needed, then return to the homepage, and you will see it has been added successfully.

vidjuice android add site

Step 2: To delete a site, click the "View More" button on the homepage, choose the sites that you want to delete, and then tap on the "Delete" icon.

vidjuice android delete sites

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