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Check out this step-by-step guide to download online videos, audios or playlists in just 5 minutes
with VidJuice UniTube.

How to Manage Downloading and Downloaded Videos?

In this guide, we will show you how to manage the downloading and downloaded list.

1. Pause and Resume the Download Process

The pause and resume feature on VidJuice UniTube Downloader is a feature that is designed to make the download process more flexible.

If for some reason you want to stop the download, you can just click the “Pause All” button.

pause all downloading videos

To restart all downloads, click the "Resume All” button, and VidJuice will continue all the download tasks.

resume all downloading videos

2. Delete Downloading Videos

Right-click on a downloading video or audio, and VidJuice will show you a drop-down menu.

Click the "Delete" button will allow you to delete a specified video. Click the "Delete All" button will allow you to delete all the downloading videos.

You can also click the "Go to Source Page" button to open this page with your browser, and click the "Copy URL" button to copy the video URL.

delete all downloading videos

3. Delete Downloaded Videos

Go to the "Finished" folder, and you will find all the downloaded videos. Right-click a video, and VidJuice will allow you to delete this video or all the downloaded files.

delete all downloaded videos

4. Turn on Private Mode

To hide and protect your downloaded videos, you can turn on "Private Mode". Navigate to the "Private" folder, click on the private mode icon, set a password and choose other settings according to your needs, then click the "Turn on" button.

turn on private mode

Go back to the "All" folder, locate a video, and right-click to choose the "Move to Private List" option to add the video to the "Private" folder.

move video to private list

To view the private videos, click the "Private" tab, enter your password, and click "OK" to access them.

enter password to view private videos

To move a video out of the private list, right-click the video, choose "Move Out" and VidJuice will move this video back to the "All" folder.

move video out of private list

To turn off the "Private Mode", click the private mode icon again and enter your password.

turn off private mode

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