How to Download OnlyFans Videos to Android (Working in 2024)

If you can access OnlyFans on your Android device, then you may wonder how you can download OnlyFans videos on to your device.

In this guide we are going to be looking at whether it is at all possible to download OnlyFans videos on Android devices.

1. Download OnlyFans Videos to Computer

Because the only way to access OnlyFans is via the browser, the best way to download videos from OnlyFans would be using desktop tool like VidJuice UniTube.

This desktop video downloader can allow you to download any OnlyFans video as long as you have the video’s URL.

The following are the reasons why VidJuice UniTube is the most ideal solution:

  • It is an ideal solution to download videos from various popular sites including OnlyFans, Vimeo, Facebook and more.
  • It supports a wide range of output formats including MP4, MP3, M4A and so many more.
  • The OnlyFans video you download can be in the highest quality such as HD, 4K and 8K.
  • Timely updates to ensure the program always works.

Here’s how you can use UniTube to download OnlyFans Videos to your computer:

Step 1: Download UniTube onto your computer. After the installation, launch it.

Step 2: Click on “Preferences” to select the output quality and output format that you would like to use for the video. Click “Apply” when you’re done.


Step 3: Go to the “Online” tab. Input the the URL of the video you would like to download from OnlyFans.

go to the online tab

Step 4: When the video is shown, you will need to click the “Play” button first.

click the play button

Step 5: When the video begins to play, click the “Download” button. UniTube will start analyzing and downloading the video immediately.

click on the Download button

Step 6: The download process should begin soon after and you should be able to track its progress using the progress bar below the video from the “Downloading” tab.

To locate the downloaded video, click on the “Finished” tab as soon as the download is complete.

 locate the downloaded videos

2. Transfer the Downloaded OnlyFans Video from PC to Android

If you want to view the video on your Android device, you just need to transfer it from your computer to your device. One of the ways you can do that is using File Explorer on your PC. Here’s how you can do that:

Step 1: Connect the Android device to the computer using a USB cable. Pull down the notification panel on the device and select “Connected as a Media Device.”

Step 2: Open “This PC” on the File Explorer and you should see the Android device appear as a removable disk. Double click on it to open it and you should see all the different folders on the device.

Step 3: Now, simply find the OnlyFans video that you downloaded and copy and paste it or drag it to the appropriate folder on the Android device. Disconnect the device and you should be able to watch the video on your Android device.

using the File Explorer on your PC

3. FAQs

3.1 Is There an Only Fans App for Android?

Unfortunately, there is no Android app for OnlyFans. The only way you can access OnlyFans on your Android device is on your browser.

The reason OnlyFans doesn’t have an Android app is because the Google Play Store will reject any apps that promote mature content.

The maximum age rating in the Google Play Store is 16 and OnlyFans requires its users to be above the age of 18.

Any app that OnlyFans creates will be rejected by the Google Play Store for inappropriate content.

3.2 Will There Be an OnlyFans Android App?

No, it is unlikely that there will ever be an OnlyFans app, because any app that they create will be in violation of the inappropriate content policy of the Google Play Store.

The app will therefore not be accepted into the Google Play Store. The only way to access OnlyFans on any device, therefore, remains through the browser.

4. Final Words

The fact that there isn’t an OnlyFans app for Android makes it very hard to access OnlyFans videos on Android devices.

It is our hope that the process we have outlined above can help you easily download and then view OnlyFans videos on your Android device.

With more than 10 years’ experience, VidJuice aims to be your best partner for the easy and seamless download of videos and audios.

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