How to download Udemy video?

November 11, 2022
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There are many websites that you can use to learn different skills, but Udmey is among the most relevant ones to ever exist. As of July 2022, Udemy recorded over 54 million learners on their platform.

An even more amazing figure is the amount of courses that they have available for the large number of students that seem to be increasing by the year. As there are currently over 204,000 online courses on business, tech, and other relevant fields.

If you constantly use Udemy, you may have wondered if it would be easy for you to download any video from the platform without spending any money. The truth is that you actually can, but you will need to use the right tools to achieve your aim.

As you read on, you will come across two methods that will save you time and money when you download videos from Udemy.

How to download Udemy video?

1. Download videos from Udemy with VidJuice UniTube

There is no shortage of applications and websites that claim to be good downloaders of videos from Udemy and many other video websites. But are they safe and fast enough for you?

On the internet, your privacy is at risk when you use untrusted applications to download videos onto your computer. This is why we recommend that you use the UniTube video downloader and converter whenever you need to download videos from Udemy.

Apart from being safe and incredibly fast, UniTube Udemy Downloader has another special advantage like the ability to download videos from any source without the watermark. And since there are hundreds of thousands of videos available on Udemy, you will be able to download many of such videos at the same time with UniTube.

The speed and multiple download ability does not in any way interfere with the video quality you will get. As you will be able to download HD Udemy videos and also have options to change the quality if you need to do so for better optimization.

When you download videos with UniTube, you will be able to change the format and play the videos on any device of your voice. So you no longer have to worry if you will be able to watch videos with your Iphone, Android, or any other device.

Here are the the steps to follow when you need to download a video from Udemy with UniTube:

1. Start by downloading UniTube for free on your computer, then install the application and launch it.

2. Click on “preferences” and start selecting the options you like for your video, choose your preferred video format and quality.

3. Open UniTube Online, go to, click “Log in”.

Open Udemy website in VidJuice UniTube online built-in browser

4. Log in to Udemy with your account.

Log in Udemy in VidJuice UniTube online built-in browser

5. Find the course you want to save, click the “Download” botton when playing the video.

Click to download Udemy video in VidJuice UniTube online built-in browser

6. Some videos are not supported for download due to copyright issues, at this time you should go to Udemy app on you phone, click the download icon and save these videos on your mobile.

Download Unemy videos in Udemy app

2. Download videos from Udemy with ClipConverter.CC

This second option is also a very good way to download videos from Udemy to your computer. Of all the online downloaders available today, ClipConverter.CC stands out because of how easily anyone can make use of it at first attempt.

With ClipComverter, you will be able to download videos that have up to 4k resolution. You will also be able to watch your videos on different file formats, including MP4, MKV, 3GP, and so many others. It is completely free and safe to use.

Here is how to use ClipConverter to download a video from Udemy learning platform:

  • With any browser you have on your computer, visit
  • Go to Udemy, sign in with your password and get the URL of the video that you want to download
  • Paste the link into the video downloader and click on “continue”
  • Now, choose the output format that you want to download your video in
  • Click on “start”, and your downloaded video will be ready in no time.

3. FAQs about downloadig Udemy Videos

3.1 Is it legal to download videos from Udemy?

If the course instructor or teacher has made the video available for download, it is legal to download them and save on your system for offline use. But not all instructors make their videos available, and in such cases, you may need to ask for permission before you can start downloading.

3.2 Can I use Udemy videos to teach other people?

The videos you download from udemy are mainly for your own personal education. If you choose to use it to explain things to someone living with you, it is part of your personal use, but you must never post them online as if they are your own. This will be seen as intellectual theft and you could get sued.

3.3 Are the videos mobile friendly?

Any video you download using the aforementioned means can be played on any device, inkling your mobile phones. If you are worried about the format and quality, you have the option of changing them during the download process.

4. Conclusion

When you have videos on your computer and phone for offline use, it will be much easier to stay true to your lesson plans and you will be able to complete every course you start on Udemy.

If you really want to enjoy the best quality of videos at any given format, use UniTube Udemy Downloader to download them and you will be happy that you did!

With more than 10 years’ experience, VidJuice aims to be your best partner for the easy and seamless download of videos and audios.

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